Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank you all for your donations so far. We're almost halfway to our fundraising goal, having received support from over 100 people already. Keep them coming below!

Also note, as there has been some confusion, that the "contributors" listed on the right side of this page are the managers of this domain, not the contributors to the club soccer nationals fund (though we have contributed to that as well). So when you donate, your name won't automatically show up on this page (although you're more than welcome to make your support public by commenting or e-mailing samueljpost@gmail.com!)

Northwestern Men's Club Soccer has qualified for the National College Club Soccer Championship tournament for the first time in its history, but we need YOUR help to make the trip to nationals! Please help us raise the money we need to make it to Phoenix and take on the rest of the country's best club teams! Any amount is greatly appreciated.

(Keep in mind that your donation may not be reflected immediately in the fundraising thermometer until up to a day after it is received.)

If you choose to donate by credit card instead of paypal, click on the "continue" link after hitting the "donate" button. We encourage you to use paypal because doing so incurs a smaller transaction fee, but all donations are helpful!